Meet Beans

Beans (aka Maddie) is around 8-9 years old.  Beans is a terrific gal who is both house and crate trained.  She loves dogs and kids of all sizes.  Beans would do best with a canine playmate and a secure yard.  She loves to go on walks and has great leash manners.  Beans can be a little mischievous and should be crated while left alone.  Beans has been diagnosed with juvenile cataracts and at this time only requires daily eye drops.  The good news is that the cataracts are not getting worse or changing.  Beans currently has good vision and you’d never know she has any eye issues!  Her eyes will need to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure any changes are diagnosed in a timely manner.  She is a normal husky gal!!


  • Age


  • Gender


  • Coat Length


  • Color

    Black with White

  • House Trained


  • Good In A Home With:

    • Other dogs
    • Children

  • Prefers A Home Without:

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