Meet Chrissy

Hello beautiful humans!  Remember me, Chrissy? I was found on the side of the road a few months ago in very sad shape.  I’m sling great at my foster home.    Every morning I sing for my breakfast – and it’s the only time you’ll hear me at all.  My foster mom thinks it’s funny because I have to tell her how to cook every day.  Just wanted to share a couple of things…I’m getting more confident everywhere.  I can let my foster mom be out of my sight for fifteen minutes now without following and I insist on visiting next door every evening at suppertime with my canine foster brother.  I get along fine with their three dogs and four cats.  I also wanted to let you know that I’m deaf.  Or at least I hear very little.  My foster mom is trying to learn how to communicate with me, especially since I don’t look at her much, and we’re working on signs for food and come.  At the risk of immodesty, I’ll share that she’s very, very proud of me and how much I’ve accomplished.  I survived, learned to move around again, smile, and hold my tail high, and have met sooo many scary situations and been a really good girl (a little warning growl doesn’t count).  And I did it without hearing.  I am awesome.  Thank you for saving my life.


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    Black with White

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    • Other dogs

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