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Interested in Becoming a Foster?

One of the most vital parts of our organization are our foster families. Because TXHR does not have a shelter facility, every animal that comes into our organization must have a foster home until it is adopted out. The more foster homes we have, the more deserving Huskies we can save.

It’s that simple. Think you could never foster? Think again and discover one of the most rewarding experiences you might ever be a part of. Becoming a foster allows you to experience the true joy of saving a life and meet some wonderful dogs, each with their own personality and traits.

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What are the Requirements to Become a Foster?
  • All potential fosters must have all of their pets spayed/neutered, be up to date on vetting, and pets to be on heartworm preventative.
  • If you rent, you must have your landlord's approval, and you pay the pet deposit if one is required.
  • You must have the necessary time to work with dogs to provide basic training and play time.
  • You must have reliable transportation to get to necessary veterinary appointments and adoption events.
  • Most importantly, patience. There is no set amount of time a foster dog will be at your home. We do not want to have to move the dogs from one foster home to another, as constant moving can really set back their rehabilitation. We expect our fosters to be patient and keep their foster dog until they get adopted.
  • Online training for fostering is available here
What are the Responsibilities of a Foster Family?
  • TXHR provides the vetting, collars, leashes, tags, and crates; you will just need to provide a loving home, good food, and plenty of attention.
  • Work with your foster on good home manners.
  • Monitor medical and/or behavioral problems, and if required, take the dog to all necessary vet appointments.
  • Work with the adoption team to help them find the perfect forever family for your foster.
Why should you Become a Foster?
  • You’re saving more than one life. For every dog that goes into a foster home, it opens up one more space for TXHR to bring in another dog and another space in the shelter.
  • Fostering is full of beautiful moments. Taking care of a foster dog gives you a profound sense of accomplishment and pride. It is an incredibly rewarding experience for the entire family, including your own dogs who will act as the foster dog’s mentor.
  • Huskies are bad-day busters. There is nothing like coming home to the companionship and shenanigans of a husky after a particularly stressful day.
  • You get to share your love of huskies with some truly amazing and supportive people.
  • Although it is difficult to let them go, seeing the love they bring to their adoptive family and knowing you saved a life makes it all worthwhile.

If you have any more questions regarding fostering for TXHR, please feel free to send us an email.

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We wouldn’t be able to save as many Huskies as we have without our incredible fosters!

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