Ways To Give

Be a Hero to Huskies in Need!

There are many ways to help Texas Husky Rescue.  Direct monetary donations are the fastest and easiest way, but there are also ways to donate doing things you already do.

  • If you shop at Amazon, you can shop at Amazon Smile and choose Texas Husky Rescue instead.  We receive a donation for each purchase: https://smile.amazon.com/
  • If you shop at Kroger, link your account at this site, and we receive donations when you shop! https://www.kroger.com/signin?redirectUrl=/account/communityrewards
  • Get a free iGive.com account so your favorite cause can earn money every time you shop online.   There's 2,294 socially-responsible stores helping to make donations happen, including PetCo; Best Buy; Bed, Bath and Beyond; Groupon; and many, many others.  Signup at  https://www.iGive.com/TexasHuskyRescue
  • dogtagNeed new dog tags?  These will be the last you will need for the lifetime of your dog and are spiffy as well.  Shop Dog Tag Art at https://www.dogtagart.com/and use TXHUSKYAU for the code.  You will save 10% off the tag and TXHR will receive $3.
  • If you need travel reservations (with or without your dog) check out the offers at bringfido.com and use our code.  Costs are identical to other booking sites, but we get $10 per booking at https://www.bringfido.com/ - Use TXHUSKY2020
  • Need coffee?  How about Grounds and Hounds Coffee? You get 15% off and TXHR receives 10% from new customer orders that use our code and 10% from any ongoing orders! Use this link, the coupon credits automatically (if it doesn't work, use TEXASHUSKY as the code): https://groundsandhoundscoffee.com/discount/TexasHusky
  • Shop for your Cause is an online website that helps non-profits (primarily animal rescues) raise money, as well as be an activist tool. Users can sign petitions, play games, and click to donate to raise for their favorite cause.  https://www.shopforyourcause.com/click-to-donate-cause-step-1/donate/135?wyf=org 
  • InfiniteWags is not just a pet store. Their core directive is to help as many animals as they can. That's why they donate $1 of every purchase to pets in need. Together, we can save lives.  Use our code: THR to get 10% off and everytime the code is used, they will donate $5 to us!
  • Also, when you walk your dog, or go for a run, make sure to use the mobile apps:
We have a new coffee partner!  https://huskycoffeecompany.com/ is a "new brand aimed at helping Husky rescue organizations.  We hope our mission — ‘Drink Coffee. Save Dogs.’ — will resonate with people in the Husky rescue community the same way our other brands have resonated with people in various breed specific communities”
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