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    Rockers, Brews and Rescues

    October 30th, noon till 6:00 p.m.

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    A dog friendly, all ages event sponsored by Legal Draft Beer Company and benefitting Texas Husky Rescue!  Rockers, Brews and Rescues benefit event is the brain child of a TXHR Rockin’ Rescue Friend and created to raise money to help Texas Husky Rescue #SaveMoreHuskies!! To give huskies a second chance at a new life with a Forever Family. Everyone can make a difference in a dog’s life by donating, fostering, adopting and volunteering!

    You can’t miss this awesome event! Stop by Urban Union Plaza in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, October 30th. The party starts at 12 pm will rock on until 6 pm.

    If you would like more information on sponsorships or to become a Rockers, Brews and Rescue sponsor, please email .

    Rockers, Brews and Rescues promises to be the Rockin’ Rescue Event of the Year!!


    About Us

    Texas Husky Rescue, Inc. is celebrating our 12-year anniversary this year.  TXHR was formed in May 2009 to help save homeless, abused and neglected huskies and adopt them into permanent and loving forever homes. We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization run entirely by volunteers with no paid staff or shelter. We rely on our network of foster families to give temporary homes to huskies until their permanent home is found. We provide all necessary vetting and medical care to every Siberian we take into our program and we are a responsible animal rescue agency in that we spay/neuter every husky prior to adoption. We are proud to have saved almost 2,300 huskies since our inception!

    Fundraising and donations are essential in allowing us to continue rescuing huskies.  With adoption fees only covering approximately 47% of expenses spent directly on our dogs, we simply cannot do what we do without the generosity of our supporters

    TXHR does not just rescue the healthy, adoptable dogs, but we also save those that need it the most – many deemed rescues only due to medical and behavioral issues as well as those taken in from cruelty seizures and puppy mills. Often these huskies require extensive medical treatment – surgeries for broken bones or long-term treatments for mange. Others come to us with behavioral issues as a result of abuse, neglect and mistreatment – some of the worst from cruelty seizures which require substantial resources and additional time in our program to help them overcome their previous lives. With adoption fees covering less than half of that expense, donations and fundraising are essential in allowing us to continue the work that we do.

    Vetting & Temporary Boarding Expenses

    • $25 - one heartworm test
    • $65 - yearly vaccinations for one dog
    • $105 - one week of temporary boarding for one dog*
    • $155 - one spay/neuter surgery
    • $300 - heartworm treatment for one dog

    All fundraising proceeds directly benefit huskies in need throughout Texas and the surrounding states by allowing us to do what we do best - rescue and rehabilitate Siberians and place them in their forever homes. So, we need you, your business and your support to help us help these beautiful animals. Please consider donating or sponsoring!  #SaveMoreHuskies    

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