Sponsorship Levels

We are so grateful for our many donors for supporting us financially, especially in the days of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our normal revenue sources were not available so we struggled a little, but still managed to save huskies throughout…amazingly rescuing over 300 huskies in the midst of a pandemic!

This list of supporters is to recognize our partners and financial backers who make it possible to #savemorehuskies. 

We’ve named the sponsorship levels after sledding events in honor of our working dog breed. 

We also appreciate the other heroes, people who donate to our medical needs and respond unfailingly to our requests for $3 Thursdays or emergency needs, as well as those who choose to remain anonymous.  #Everydollarcounts!

We hope to continue growing the sponsorship opportunities in 2024, so if you have questions or suggestions, please send them to contact@texashuskyrescue.org


The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is one of Alaska's iconic winter events, and is the premier and best-known race in the United States. It starts in Anchorage on the first Saturday of March each year.

Klondike 300

These are our sponsors donating more than $3,000 worth of services or funds annually.  The Klondike 300 was an event running 300 miles from Big Lake to Petersville, Alaska, and return.

In Memory of Bellin

The Camp Family

The Hamilton Family

The Highlander Family

In Memory of Patricia Keefer

Catharine Murphy

Sport & Classic Car Company

Goose Bay 150

These are our sponsors donating $1,000 worth of services or funds annually.  The Goose Bay 150 sponsor level was named for an Iditarod pre-qualifying event in Wasilla, Alaska.

Lee and Amy Allison

Gary and Tamara Askew

Baltic and Nara

The Clasby Family

Nick Dihigo

Roy Dufner

Ridgeline HR Consulting & Investigations


Julie Welch

WHM Plumbing & Heating Contractors

Copper Dog

These are sponsors regularly donating $10/month or more for a minimum of three months.  It is named for the CopperDog 40 which covers approximately forty miles through Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula.

Noah Bird
Maggie Carter
Laurie Crumb
Christine Earl
Heather Fairbanks
Joe Fish
Lisa Gibson
In memory of Bandit Bear Hart
Roger Haxton
The Hogsed Family
Harley Holt
Meredith, Joan, and little pup Yuki (aka Lizo) Horton
John Houston
Scott Kennedy & Penny Faires
The Koch Family - In honor of Yeti
Mike Lestingi
Suzette Meacham
The Mulvihill Family
The Parker Pack
Megan Parsill
Kris Potter-Kompletely K-9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation-In honor  of Winnie
September Schmidt
Virginia Vara
Anthony Vellucci
Jodi Wesley
Cyndi, Andy, Coconut, and Rocky

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