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It’s easy to fall in love with ALL Of our huskies.  If the dog is on our website, then he or she is still available, but there are always applications processes underway.  That may mean by the time we process your application the dog may have been adopted and unavailable for adoption.  However, we have exceptional adoption counselors that can help you find your forever dog.  Please complete the online application and let us help you.   CLICK HERE

Our intake for surrendered dogs is closed due to the number of dogs we have in our system, and the ongoing requests from shelters facing death due to overcrowding.  Requests to help with a shelter or owner surrender dog exceed the number of open foster homes. Every dog we accept into rescue must live in a volunteer's home, and we do not have enough fosters available.

The adoption process can be found online.  Fenced in yards are not required, as we do place huskies in apartments after checking with the apartment to ensure pet deposits are paid, and huskies are not on the restricted breed list.  Please note, during COVID, home checks are done virtually through pictures only. Also, due to COVID and our volunteer/foster-based status, processing time of an application can take 3-6 weeks for action.  CLICK HERE

We are not trainers, behavior experts, or lawyers.  In general, for training and behavior problems, we recommend relationship-based trainers or a positive reinforcement trainer.  There are many available, especially in the larger metropolitan parts of Texas.  If you are close to a metro area, such as DFW, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, etc, there are Husky owner groups with a LOT of experience and knowledge of the local area.  If you are further out, there are fewer options, but in general, we get more success from positive-reinforcement behaviorists.  Also, often, first time consultations are free, and you can judge the comfort level of the dog to the trainer firsthand.

We only rescue huskies through a bona fide shelter or where ownership is proven. We have no legal standing to rescue dogs from even the most horrific situation unless some legal authority is involved.  Lost dogs need to be turned in to shelters in the event the owner is looking for them.

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Please see the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question is answered there!  If not, please reach out to us if you want more information about adopting, volunteering, fostering, donating, fundraising, event information, a dog in need of rescue, or anything else. It would be great to hear from you! Just drop us a line--we  look forward to hearing from you!

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