Spotlight: Sabrina

Hi Ya’ll! It’s me, Sabrina! I could not Thank Woo enough for letting me join the TXHR Family! You see in my previous life the only human interaction I received was outside, when my “owners” would throw food at me.  I was in bad shape.  I was extremely overweight and my fur was just ridiculously matted.

Thankfully I have awesome Foster Parents and a GREAT Foster Pack, I got a special hair-do  since my fur was so matted it couldn’t be combed.   I get to live inside the house and sleep on bed, plus…and this is the best part…I get love and pets and hugs…everything a sweet husky girl deserves.

Now I also get to go on regular walks and my girlish figure is returning, I can actually climb on the couch!   My foster family provides me stylish clothes, and I’ve become quite the social influencer!  My fur is coming in just fine, just in time for the cooler weather!  I love TXHR and my awesome Foster Family.  Do you want to make a difference in another dog’s life?  TXHR always needs foster families to help huskies like me!  Check out the link at

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