From Bobblehead to UConn Stand-in: Drayson’s Story

Drayson had a rough start because he was the runt from a litter of pups of a backyard breeder.  He found his way through several rescues until arriving as rescue #1286 with Texas Husky Rescue. Since we are 100% volunteer, foster-based organization, we rely on fosters to take care of our dogs so we can learn more about them to find the perfect fit.  Sometimes the perfect fit is the foster home, and sometimes it is just another stop of the journey. 

Drayson is a very wooly husky, and his fur was badly matted.  It was impossible to get all of the mats out with regular grooming, and he HAD to be shaved.  Huskies should only be shaved for medical necessity or when the matting is so bad it is more humane to do so.  Drayson fell into the latter case, and everything but his head and tail were shaved, resulting in a bobblehead appearance. 

His fosters fell in love with this goofy dog, and adopted him.  He now lives a great life with his forever family…he spends part of his time in Canada, and is active with his Texas Husky Rescue family.  He did the puck drop at a Rampage game in 2019, and was quite active until he suffered a sports injury in 2020.  He’s pending surgery, but when we received a call for help from Jonathan XIV from UConn, he said he was available to provide husky spirit (and husky hair) for the cause!

Drayson proudly supported the fans at the NCAA Women’s Sweet 16 matchup on Saturday, March 27, and the UConn Huskies won!  Drayson and Texas Husky Rescue are proud of the team, and glad to add a small part to the fan experience.

Every husky has a story, and we want them all to be happy tails.  There are more huskies needing rescue than we have resources to help.  Please consider adopting, fostering, volunteering, or donating.  #PowerofthePack #SaveMoreHuskies #GoUConnHuskies!

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