Thank Woo!

For Joshua’s eleventh birthday, he didn’t ask for anything for himself (but he did get a GREAT Texas Husky Rescue t-shirt!).  He chose to share his birthday with Texas Husky Rescue, and he raised $110 to #savemorehuskies!  Plus, he shared the AmazonSmile link with his family and friends, so we will see good from that too!

Joshua says, “I love all husky organizations and am happy to help this foundation #saveallhuskies ❤️”

We LOVE all our supporters, and are so glad to see (very) young men and women stepping up for charitable purposes!

#BeLikeJoshua! #EveryDollarCounts! #ClickThisLinkForWaysToGive 

Joshua rockin’ the Texas Husky Rescue shirt with friends!

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