First Quarter 2023 Financial Report

It was a TOUGH quarter.  Our revenues for the quarter were $52,923 from adoption fees, donations, and various fundraisers, which is “pretty” good. But not against expenses of $83,632.

Most of that was from our medical expenses, which totaled $59,321(See story about the Survivor Puppies in the previous blog for more information.)

Boarding (because we don’t have enough fosters) was $10,405. We incurred dog training costs of $2,500. There was also our annual payment of $3,040 for insurance payment.

Our admin overhead is cut to the bone…we have shipping expenses, various supplies (including HW prevention for our fosters), and website hosting costs.

Fortunately, we HAD an emergency fund reserve, and moved $13,000 to our operating expenses. We try to keep a minimum for contingencies, but we have few reserves now.

Fundraisers (like the silent auction) help, but we are very low on funds vs. expenses.  Merchandise sales contribute, but don’t cover operating expenses, much less emergency situations.  Increased adoption fees only cover costs for intake — there is no surplus.

As a financially responsible rescue, we want complete transparency. After 14 years of Rescue, we have a responsibility to all the dogs we’ve placed in homes–we always accept our dogs back when circumstances change, and we must have a safety net for emergencies and contingencies.

We will always #SaveMoreHuskies, but we also remember #TXHRDogs_4Ever_MemberOfThePack

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