Katya’s Journey

On February 28, 2023, we accepted Katya and her puppies as an emergency request. Her puppies story was told in a previous blog, If Love Could Save Them. Katya had severe Demodex Mange and secondary skin infections all over her face and body;  she also had an eye infection, was very anemic, had low blood proteins, and lots of parasites. She was so sick she could barely hold her head up as the birthing process had taken quite a toll on her. Volunteers got Katya to our amazing rescue vet, and it was determined that she was too weak and sick to be able to nurse her pups, as she needed extensive treatment herself to save her life.  

She is recovering well–her fur is growing in beautifully and she looks incredible. She has been spayed and is available for fostering now!  We need someone to take her in so we can learn more about her!

TXHR, its volunteers, fosters, and donors, made an investment in this small husky family, and did so at a cost….both emotionally, and financially.  The medical costs for Katya and her puppies really put a strain on the TXHR financials. Total medical costs for Katya are $4,884.  Boarding costs for her are $35/day.

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