Third Quarter Financial Update

We honor the memory of Debbie Satsky, one of our beloved foster volunteers and alumni members, adopter of Cy and Racu, who never met an animal she didn’t love.

Debbie passed away in September of 2022, and graciously bequeathed funds to Texas Husky Rescue “for their greatest need”.

Debbie knew her beloved huskies would be taken care of because “once a TXHR dog, always a TXHR dog”. Cy and Racu found new homes where they are treasured and cared for. We honor her memory as a beloved friend and supporter.

Her gracious and thoughtful donation has been especially helpful to us this year.  You might remember our first quarter report was really bad because we had medical expenses in that quarter alone for nearly $60,000. For comparison purposes, our medical expenses for the first AND third quarters combined were less than $73,000. Much of that unexpected expense was for Katya and the survivor puppies (as detailed in the blogs). 

We’ve held the line on expenses, and recovered most of our safety net, while still managing to accept new dogs into our program.  Our revenues year to date are $143,973.86 from adoption fees, donations, and various fundraisers.  This does NOT include the $15,000 we raised through North Texas Giving Day, as it will not be paid to us until November. 

Our third quarter year to date expenses are 179,842.58. Most of that was from our medical expenses, which totaled $132,675.80.  Boarding (because we don’t have enough fosters) was $23,615.67. Supplies (food and incidentals for fosters) were $9,333.75.  Insurance costs were paid in the first quarter, totaling $3,040.96.  Computer and software support (Texas Husky Rescue website) are $3,537.02.  Shipping costs also take a bite…$1,280.87 to ship heartworm prevention and merchandise sales. 

We have several more fundraisers planned for the reminder of the year, and we look forward to the North Texas Giving Day money hitting our bank account. 

If you can, please donate today. If you can’t, please consider adding us to your will and leaving a legacy for the future, knowing your donation will be used supporting our rescue needs.

As a financially responsible rescue, we want complete transparency. After 14 years of Rescue, we have a responsibility to all the dogs we’ve placed in homes–we always accept our dogs back when circumstances change, and we must have a safety net for emergencies and contingencies.

We will always #SaveMoreHuskies, but we also remember #TXHRDogs_4Ever_MemberOfThePack

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