Blessings as bountiful as husky hair!

It’s been a hard year for everyone, but November is a time to count blessings.  Rescue work is an extended family, and we are so grateful to everyone who volunteers, fosters, adopts, donates, and generally contributes good will and good wishes to our work.

Recently, we were blessed with a carload of donations from one of our husky family members.  Landon wanted to celebrate his 10th birthday by giving his presents to Texas Husky Rescue.  He asked all his friends to donate things our foster dogs need instead of getting him presents.

We are used to our Rescue adults being awesome, but it is so encouraging to see the next generation with a heart for rescue. The heart of the entire family to share encourages us all!  Thank you, Landon, for your warm and caring Rescue heart!

We also appreciate the participation in the recent online auction.  We netted $4,433.08 to the Rescue and everyone who won bids got some nice items!  That money is essential for vetting, boarding, and other necessary expenses to responsibly run Texas Husky Rescue.May blessings cover you as amply as husky hair after a good de-shed!      

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