2020 Successes!

Despite the COVID restrictions, our awesome Texas Husky Rescue applications team processed 630 applications in 2020!

 Yes! 630 prospective husky owners applied for adoption, and each application had to be carefully prescreened, including veterinary reference checks, and landlord checks. If the hopeful applicant made it past this initial screen the team interviewed, completed virtual home checks, found the best match for them, set up meet and greets, and ensured that the trial period was going well. This team helped get 199 huskies into their forever homes!

184 huskies took a FREEDOM ride in 2020, and many of the huskies travelled throughout Texas to get to us.  Our long road husky haulers were essential in this effort!  They drove almost 19,000 miles last year, and safely transported huskies to their destinations in the midst of COVID restrictions. 

That doesn’t include the thousands of miles involved in shorter transports between vet visits and other activities, but the long haulers frequently had to drop everything to perform a quick mercy transport to get a husky to safety.

Texas Husky Rescue RELIES on all our volunteers….we can’t #SaveMoreHuskies without fosters, volunteers, donors, and all our awesome team who contribute every day in some way.  If you want to know more, check out https://texashuskyrescue.org/volunteer/ for options and then send us a note at https://texashuskyrescue.org/contact-us/

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